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Director Representations

  1. I acknowledge as Director my responsibility for making accurate representations to Caprica Online Accountants for the financial statements that we have prepared on your behalf.
  2. I confirm that all accounting records had been made available to Caprica Online Accountants for the purpose of preparing the accounts.
  3. I confirm that the Company has no liabilities or contingent liabilities other than those disclosed in the financial statements.
  4. I confirm that all information supplied to Caprica Online Accountants is accurate.
  5. I acknowledge that Caprica Online Accountants has not performed an audit of the Company and as such the financial statements have been prepared based on the information supplied to us. I also acknowledged that all Directors of the business are responsible for keeping accurate accounting records and that Caprica Online Accountants can rely on the accuracy of the information supplied.
  6. I confirm that the Company has had, at no time during the year, any arrangement, transaction or agreement to provide credit facilities (including loans, quasi-loans or credit transactions) for Directors, nor to guarantee or provide security for such matters, except as disclosed in the financial statements and coded in the accounting software to the Directors Loan account.
  7. I confirm that we have disclosed to Caprica Online Accountants all related party transactions relevant to the Company and that we are not aware of any further related party matters that require disclosure.
  8. I confirm that there are no other companies associated with the Company for tax purposes.
  9. I confirm that I have reviewed the final financial statements and consider all balances showing to be a true and fair reflection of the business as at the year-end date.
  10. I confirm that there are no laws or regulations that are central to the Company’s ability to conduct its business.
  11. I confirm that in my opinion the Company is a going concern and will remain a going concern (ie. has sufficient cash to continue trading) for a minimum of 12 months from the date of signing this letter.
  12. I have disclosed to Caprica Online Accountants any allegations of fraud or suspected fraud, communicated by employees, former employees, regulators or others affecting the financial statements that have been prepared, to the best of my knowledge.

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I confirm that we authorise Caprica Online Accountants to submit the Company’s Abbreviated Accounts to Companies House and CT600 return/returns to HMRC.

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