Frequently Asked Questions


Am I eligible for the Contractor Accounting package?
We define a Contractor company as one that has no employees (aside from the main Contractor plus a spouse) and generally has only one active contract at any particular time. If your business is more complicated than this it will fall into our Small Business category.
Is Caprica Online a firm of Chartered Accountants?
We are! – In the UK only firms registered with either the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW) or the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) are able to call themselves Chartered Accountants. We’re an ICAS member firm.
What sort of small businesses do you work with?
We have clients that work in all sorts of industry the only businesses we don’t work with at present are businesses that predominantly get paid in cash. That’s because cash businesses don’t get the full advantage of using Xero and require lots of manual reconciliations (yuck).
How can I sign up?
The easiest way to sign up to us is using the ‘sign up’ page on the website and completing our sign up form.

How long does it take and how easy is it to switch to Caprica Online?

It takes about five minutes to sign up online.

Once signed up we will start advising you right away. Part of the changing accountant process involves requesting key information from your old accountant. The time this takes can vary quite a lot (depending on how responsive the old accountant is!). However, it is very rare that this causes any interruption to service. Most clients feel like they have switched immediately even if there is still a bit of paperwork moving behind the scenes.

Do I need to be local to you?

No not at all. We’re online accountants and used to communicating effectively with a combination of email, phone calls and Skype.

How much advice do I get under the contractor or small business package?

The short answer is unlimited!. We strive to be responsive and do our best answer any questions you may have. If things get too specialist we will have to put our hands up and direct you to someone better informed but that’s very rare and usually only when foreign tax jurisdictions are involved.

Is there a minimum contract period and are there are any exit fees?


No – You can leave on one months notice with no exit charges or anything underhand.

We do require clients to be with us (or verbally commit) for a minimum of 3 months before doing your end of year annual accounts.

What is a registered office?


A registered office is the address which is the Company’s official location on the public record, it doesn’t have to be the place you do business.

We can provide your registered office address for a fee of £25 +VAT a month. This means that we will receive a lot of the important mail from HMRC and Companies House saving you the time and effort sending on post to us. It also means you will avoid receiving a certain amount of junk mail at you house.

Do you help with registering for VAT and other taxes?

Yes – All part of the monthly fees. if you are not currently registered to VAT and other taxes we will handle the registration for you 100

Will my company be caught by the IR35 legislation?

It is impossible to know 100% if you will be caught by the IR35 legislation. However as IR35 experts, we can advise on how to best structure your contracts to minimise the risk of being caught for no additional fee.

I am concerned about all the different tax and financial deadlines. Will you make help ensure the business never misses a deadline?

As a key part of our responsibilities we will build your deadlines into our schedule and strive to make sure everything is completed well in advance of any deadlines.

Can I use Xero on my mobile phone or tablet?
Yes – Xero Touch is a great app that connects your iOS or Android device to you Xero account at no extra cost.


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What our clients think
  • Caprica Online have exceeded our expectations in all of our requirements and we're extremely happy with the service Tim and his team provides.   

    Will Jennings - Rapid Tender Limited

  • We would like to thank you for making our accounting a much easier task. Your help in the change from Sage to Xero meant that we were able to continue without any problems. We find Xero a much easier system.

    Dawn Brooks - Marshfield Traditional Farm Limited

  • As a new small business, I have found Caprica's exceptional knowledge, advice and approach invaluable. I wanted to take away the financial worries and focus on developing the business and having a Caprica Accountant has allowed me to do just that, secure in the knowledge that my accounts are in safe hands.

    Colin McIntosh - McPaws